Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sick kids (Works for Me Wednesday)

I've got 6 kids...the 4 youngest are sick. Last night I went to Walmart at midnight to buy a new thermometer because the digital one I bought last year has a dead battery that does not appear to be replaceable & it was a pain to try to get the kids to hold it under their tongues long enough to actually record a temp anyway.

I found a very cool new thermometer & it was very reasonably priced ($20), so I wanted to share!!! The coolest thing about it is that it takes their temperature at the temple! No sticking it in the mouth of an uncooperative toddler and hoping to get an accurate reading. No waking them up to check & see what their temp is every few hours. No dumb disposable plastic covers to buy & keep track of. It's small enough not to be scary, but big enough that it shouldn't get lost too easily. I've personally wanted an EAR thermometer ever since Dr office's first started using them, but have been told that if the child has an ear infection you won't get an accurate they are expensive & my kids don't like having things stuck in their ears. The final selling point for me (besides price) was that it takes actual AAA batteries...those I actually keep in the house, unlike the weird little round watch battery kind that most thermometers seem to have, I can REPLACE them when they die!!!

Fortunately my kids fevers are lower than I feared, but of course I'll still be obsessively checking them every few hours when they go to sleep for the next couple nights. Be sure to stop by Rocks in my Dryer to see all the other MFMW tips for the week.

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Lisa said...

The thermometer sounds cool. Glad you like the pizza recipe. My kids weren't really on board with the homemade pizza thing until I found that recipe. Now we haven't ordered pizza in like 8 months.