Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Epiphany is the celebration of the 12th night of Christmas. According to what I was able to hear on Sunday, it is the day when the Wise Men visited Jesus and worshipped him. For me it has always been the formal END to the Christmas season. I can usually tell if the year is off to a decent start by how long after Epiphany it takes me to get my Christmas decorations down and put away. This year is starting off well. The tree is DOWN, in it's box and back in it's storage place. Most of the decorations are packed away. There will of course be stragglers, for the next few months, ornaments will show up here & there, but almost everything is now put away.

The first few years we were married, Hubby & I belonged to a Renaissance group and attended 12th Night celebrations every year complete with mid-evil jousting...it was fun and I miss doing those kinds of things, but as our children grew and multiplied it got too difficult to stay involved. I've considered starting an Epiphany tradition of a special family dinner and gifts to celebrate the final day of Christmas, but just affording Christmas has been hard the last few years, so it hasn't worked out. Maybe someday I will find the perfect way to commemorate the day.

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Melanie said...

Happy Epiphany! I wanted to keep our tree up atleast til today, but now I'm ready for it to come down.