Friday, December 12, 2008

Hubby went back to work today

Wednesday and Thursday are his regular days off, but he would have been home even if they weren't....he was THAT sick. He is still not 100%, but he is much better than he was. The 3 yr old & the 1 yr old are both still coughing, but they seem to be getting better too. *knock wood*

I've been keeping busy in the kitchen. Yesterday, I handmade 5 1/2 dozen tamales. Hubby has been selling them at work. They are a bit labor intensive, but not overly difficult. Authentic tamales are very hard to find in this part of Tennessee, there seems to be a pretty high demand for them. So far, I've only made pork tamales, but next week I plan to make up a batch of shredded beef & after Christmas (or maybe for Christmas) I plan to make a batch with shredded chicken.

Today, I'm making a crockpot of stew (taking some to a family from church who had a baby last week), a big batch of my homemade bread (some for the family from church, some for us), sugar cookies & cranberry nut bread. My kitchen smells soooo yummy!!!!

Cooking used to be one of my favorite hobbies, but over the years of fighting with my picky eaters, it has become more of a chore. The cooking I've been doing lately has been FUN again & I've finally figured out why. I've just been making what I feel like making & whoever wants to eat it can, those who don't like it for one reason or another can go without. Unfortunately, this plan wouldn't work for dinners, but at least I'm back to enjoying most of my time in the kitchen.


Janet said...

I'm glad you are all feeling better. You've been a busy bee. All the food sounds delicious.

I've been given the Lemonade Award by a fellow blogger. I'd like to pass it along to you if you so choose to accept. Stop by my money blog to find out more about it.

Denise said...

Thanks Janet, I'm not very good at passing things along, but I'll give it a try. It may take me a couple days, I've got to have 7 dozen more tamales done in the next couple days.