Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What day is it?

My life is total chaos....I seem to spend at least half of any day lately reminding myself what day it is. My Hubby has mid-week days off. This makes it so much harder for me to keep my days straight. During the Summer, when the kids are out of school, we treat his days off as if they were the "weekend" We sleep late, we go on local outings & we just generally enjoy being a family. But now that school has been back in session for four weeks, life has become hectic. There are no longer any days that could be classified as a "weekend".

Monday through Friday the middle kids have to be on the school bus by 6:50 am.....yes, it is starting to still be DARK outside at that time. Friday through Tuesday (weird combo I know) Hubby has to be taken to work to arrive by 8 am. Some Monday through Fridays, Oldest Son brings my adorable Granddaughter for me to watch....he is usually supposed to be at work by 11:30 am, but will arrive anywhere from 8 am to noon depending on what car situation he & his wife are currently having & whether he got out of the house at the time he planned. Second Son also has a screwy random schedule...IF he has to work the morning shift I have to take him to work by 10 am...some days he works both a morning and afternoon shift. His days off vary each week along with his schedule. He was supposed to be starting College on Tuesdays and Thursday, but has postponed until January in order to have the classes he really WANTS. On Sundays after I take Hubby to work, we have about 45 minutes to get ready to leave for church. Starting this week I will be an Assistant Sunday School Teacher. After Sunday School is Church, the middle kids are singing in the choir during the Church service when they are not acolyting, Second Daughter will be going to Jr Church by herself for the first time this year & Baby Daughter will be in the Nursery without her sister for the first time. Soooooo, this is my crazy mornings.

In the afternoon it just gets worse. On Tuesdays & Thursdays, Youngest Son has orchestra practice after school and has to be picked up by 3:45. On Wednesdays, Youngest Son & Oldest Daughter have choir rehearsal from 4:45 until 6 pm at church on the other side of town. Friday through Tuesday (yeah, those weird days again) Hubby has to be picked up from work at 5....we really need to get his car running. Any random day in there, Second Son might need a ride to work at 4....his car doesn't run either. Oldest Son or his Wife come for Granddaughter any time between 5:30 and 7 pm, depending on when they get off work, fortunately she works a normal Monday through Friday week, although her hours can be a bit odd some days. I still need to find Oldest Daughter a new Brownie troop that meets either after school or on one of our less hectic days.

Crazy Me is actually considering joining a Bible Study (for Adult interaction outside the house) and I did sign up to begin Catechesis of the Good Shepherd training the first Saturday of each month for the next TWO YEARS.

I've found it is best to make Dr appointments & such for early afternoon on Hubby's days off, usually by noon I am fairly certain what day it is & if I let Hubby know about the commitment he tries to remind me. So far this school year, the kids have made the bus every day, we haven't missed any choir practice & I've only forgotten to pick Hubby up from work once. I guess I could be doing worse.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I'd never be able to remember all of that. You are da' woman!! :-)