Friday, September 12, 2008


This is an old picture, but it was the only one I could find. It is college football time in our town. It will be a home game this week & the town is already going NUTS. The news is talking about game traffic. The game isn't until tomorrow, but the excitement has started. The team lost their first game, but from all the interviews I've seen in the past few days they think they are READY for this game.

We don't actually usually watch the game. Hubby listens to it on the radio from work & updates me about it when he calls home on his break or if it is a night game we listen to it in the background while we do other things. Second Son works in a popular restaurant that shows the game (and serves BEER), he will be busy at work tomorrow.

The radio will play Rocky Top a million times between now & the game tomorrow. No doubt the kids sang Rocky Top at school this morning after the pledge of allegiance. Oldest Daughter wore her ORANGE and white cheerleaders outfit to school today.....her teacher was hopeful that the entire class would be wearing something Orange today. I have my big ORANGE T magnet on the back side of my van. It's fun living in a college town.

Edited to add my Big Orange fans

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Janet said...

LOL, nothing like living in a college town. And I've been in your town for a game, so I know what it's like, the never ending Rocky Top. :)