Monday, January 5, 2015

Reading & Writing in our Homeschool....Virtual Curriculum Fair Week 1

I am participating in a Virtual Curriculum Fair this month with a group of homeschool bloggers.  This is our first year choosing all our own curriculum and homeschooling independently and it is going GREAT!  Making choices can be completely overwhelming.  I have looked at a lot of different options for my four homeschoolers and now that we are halfway through the year, I am surprisingly happy with everything we are using.

Lets start with the youngest and work our way up.  She is 7 and a reluctant reader, but she LOVES to write.  We are using Five in a Row in our once per week co-op and at home we are working on  Explode the Code.  We have an extensive home library and access to two wonderful public libraries as well, so there is never a shortage of good story books.

Our next child is 9 and she is a voracious reader.  She recently finished both the Harry Potter series and the Percy Jackson series.  At co-op she is using the IEW workbook All things Fun and Fascinating, it is a fantastic book and is helping to bring her writing skills up to the level of her reading skills.  This is NOT an easy book and is probably best for kids working at a 5th to 6th grade level or higher in language arts.

The teens are 9th and 11th grade and using The Lost Tools of Writing.  This is a great program.  The difficulty can be adjusted depending on what books the students read.
Click on the links below to visit other homeschoolers participating in the Virtual Curriculum Fair.  Check back next week, we'll be talking about MATH.

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