Sunday, January 11, 2015

Math for ALL ages!

Welcome to Week 2 of the Virtual Curriculum Fair hosted by Susan at Homeschooling Hearts and Minds, and this week's co-host Laura @ Day By Day in our World.

My 7 yr old and 9 yr old are learning practical math....we count everything, we talk about money and count it and they randomly quiz each other on math facts.  When we bake, we work on fractions, both understanding the concept of fractions and the practical side of converting, adding and subtracting.  They have Brain Quest workbooks which have a great math section which they use a few times a week, mainly to stay in practice when it comes to figuring math equations on paper.

The Teens, are using Saxon Algebra 1 and Saxon Algebra 2.  I have to say that co-op has been a life saver for me in this area of math. There is a homeschool kit that can be purchased which contains the textbook, teacher's manual, tests and answer key.  My 16 year old son struggled with Algebra 2 in an online virtual school last year, so this year he is retaking Algebra 1 with his sister and retaking Algebra 2 simultaneously.  Half way through the year we are seeing major progress in his math skills!  I purchased these textbooks used on Amazon and have been very pleased with the quality.

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