Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Some background.

We are definitely feeling led (pushed) to leave K12 and become traditional homeschoolers.  Morgan's virtual high school is not K12, it is a grassroots effort by an individual school district.  We have been very happy with his school.  He is struggling in a few subjects because he prefers to only learn things that interest him.  I am looking at several supplemental programs to be sure that he is prepared for the End of Course (EOC) exams for these classes.  He is academically gifted with a severe lack of self motivation.  Since he is a Sophomore this year, I'm really searching for ways to improve his study skills and motivation.  He has set a goal to attend a big name college and he will definitely need to qualify for some big scholarships to finance that goal.  We are also working on figuring out what degree he would like to pursue at that big name college.

Maggie returned to Brick & Mortar school on Columbus Day after spending 6th and 7th grade and the first 9 weeks of 8th grade in K12.  She has wanted to be with other kids and go to "normal" school for over a year. We have been most dissatisfied with the middle school program, so we decided to give regular public school a try. She likes her teachers, she's at the top of most of her classes academically and she has made friends. It's been 3 weeks and she has already missed 4 days due to illness.  It has been FUN for her, but I'm not sure she is learning anything.  We may have her finish this quarter, but public schooling long term does not seem like a good option.

Marissa and Melanie have never been to regular public school.  Marissa is excelling with the K12 curriculum. Unfortunately, our virtual school is forcing common core/state standards live classes into our daily schedule at the expense of time spent on the actual curriculum. Purchasing the K12 curriculum directly is cost prohibitive for us. Melanie is doing well in most of her subjects but her learning is constantly being disrupted by required attendance in live classes that never seem to cover the material she is currently working on.

We want our children to enjoy learning and we feel it is our job as their parents to provide them with a quality education that will encourage them to be life long learners.

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