Wednesday, November 27, 2013

No more brick and mortar school

The public middle school experiment is over.  Maggie went to 8th grade at the very nice school down the road from our house from October 14th until November 12th.  It is a fairly new school and they are extremely proud of their prison like security.  I understand that this is all due to terrible events that have happened in public schools over the last few years, but it did not make me feel SAFE.  It made me feel as though I was willingly putting my child someplace that has a reasonable expectation of imminent attack. 

During her four weeks, Maggie was sick and missed 8 days due to illnesses.  This is more days than she has been sick in the last 2 1/2 years of virtual school.  I understand that kids are going to catch things when they are put into an environment where they are in close contact with others all day long, but since we have other choices, we decided to exercise them.

It was definitely stressful for Maggie and she was more than willing to return to schooling at home.  I am hopeful that now that we have given her the chance to try out brick and mortar school, she will be content with the method of schooling that works best for her.

She will not be returning to the K12 virtual school.  We have registered her as a homeschooler with the local school district and are currently using Time 4 Learning and a variety of other resources.  Registering with the school district was extremely EASY and it was free.  I had been told by many people that we need to sign up with an umbrella school, but for us the cost was prohibitive. Next year, if we do not enroll Maggie in the virtual high school Morgan attends, we will consider using an umbrella school for transcripts, etc.

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