Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas at our House

A few days before Christmas we got a new kitten. His name is Toffee. He's going to be very unhappy when the tree gets taken down & put away.
Here's the tree after Santa was a pretty lean year.
The stockings hung with care.
A better look at Toffee.
Melanie was very pleased with her gifts.
I think she would have been happy if the candy was all she got.
Marissa loved her gifts & candy too....especially the candy!

Maggie got an American Girl Just Like You doll. She LOVES it. This outfit is also from the American Girl store, but they didn't have the matching version for her doll.
Maggie also got a new Lands End winter coat.
Maggie & I made this headband for the doll.
Morgan's BIG present was a Nintendo DSi.....he is rather obsessed with it.
Mason came over early in the morning to open presents with the younger kids, then he took a nap....yes, he always looks this grumpy when he first wakes up.
Lily came over in the evening to open presents & visit.
Maggie LOVES to read & was very excited that her brother Marvin got her this book.

Mason LOVES to get the little kids worked up
but sometimes it backfires on him
Morgan also got a couple of new Lego games for the Wii
Marvin was very interested in helping him with the Star Wars game.
Marvin & Lily with Marissa on the loveseat & Marvin's wife, Mary next to the tree
Maggie worked for 30 minutes to be able to do this with her fingers.
Melanie still doesn't particularly like clothes....but she LOVES to play "Flying Baby" with Mason.

We had a fun Christmas! It was wonderful to have all the kids & our granddaughter together. I only wish we had gotten a good group picture.

How was your Christmas? Did you get to spend it with family?


Angie said...

I enjoyed getting to see all of the pictures of the kids. They looked like they really enjoyed themselves. We had the stomach bug at our house. Our oldest was sick all Christmas Day, our twins and youngest son didn't feel good but still managed to run around. I got sick that evening and so did DH. was nice that we were all together but.....not feeling so well stinks. We were still blessed.

Happy New Year.

LT said...

It looks like you all had a great Christmas, all the pictures are wonderful!
Yes, we had a lovely Christmas too! Time spent with family and a nice visit from Santa for our kiddos.