Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Works for me Wednesday...TOYS that stand the test of time

Like I've said, I've got SIX kids. I LOVE toys. I still have the original Little Tikes Bowling set and the Wee Waffle Blocks & Bucket that were bought for my now 21 yr old son when he was a toddler, I think those toys are older than my 18 yr old son. All my kids have played with & loved them. Soon my granddaughter will be joining in the fun. When my 18 yr old son was about 4, we discovered the Thomas the Train & Brio Wooden Trains. They were quite pricey & we didn't buy many at a time, but over the years we have acquired quite a collection. These get played with frequently & have held up well. We also have a collection of wooden blocks that have been added to over the years, each of my children has loved them for an extended period of time & they are still one of the most popular toys on days when the kids have to play inside.

When my oldest daughter was 2, I found a Fisher Price Doll House at Once Upon a Child (2nd hand store). It came with a bunch of people & accessories. Over the years, we have added more people, vehicles, pets & furniture. She is now 8 and still plays with it. My 3 yr old & 1 yr old play with it almost daily and the neighbor's little girl LOVES it so much her grandparents just bought her one of her own.

When we fall in love with something that is very pricey, I look for it in second hand stores & buy some of the accessories as they go on sale. Over the years we have acquired almost the entire Rescue Hero's set. My youngest son is now 10 & doesn't play with them anymore, but my 3 yr old is just discovering it & I think they will soon be one of her favorite toys. Fisher Price seems to have discontinued the line.

I try to buy toys that can be added to, that are very sturdy & that allow for lots of imagination. The toys I've listed have certainly lived up to our family's needs in all these areas.


Amy@GrowingLikeTrees said...

Great suggestions! I've never really planned out the toy-buying for my four (1-6 years old). But I can really see the wisdom in buying expandable sets. I'll have to start doing that. Thanks!

Daffernia said...

I'm just looking for buying some new toys for my kids... Thanks for the advice!!