Sunday, November 9, 2008


Baby Daughter's baptism was this morning. She is almost 18 months and we have been planning on doing it for quite a while. Ideally, I would have liked to do it last year, but our life was too chaotic. We have recently found a new church home & I'm feeling very comfortable & involved there, so the time was right.

She wore the gown that my Mom made by hand for our youngest son. The four youngest have now all worn it. Youngest Son was a little over 7 months old for his baptism & the other girls were 5 months & 3 months respectively when they wore it, it is amazing that it fit. It actually looked like it had been custom made just for her, the sleeves were the perfect length, the hem came to her toes, allowing her to walk without tripping. It truly was perfect.

She did not like having her back to the water as the priest scooped it up & poured it over the back of her head, but other than that, she did very well. Telling us "wet" & feeling her head in amazement after she was handed back. Fortunately, she didn't actually cry.

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