Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pictures from Wizard of Oz

Morgan, Maggie, Marissa and Melanie all auditioned for the Wizard of Oz this past Summer and were cast.  The Celebrity Youth Theater is a new program in Sevier County.  Our experience was not completely positive, but the kids enjoyed performing.

 Maggie got sick the week of the performances and was unable to participate, her head shot is included on this board.

Morgan was the Tinman.  His costume was amazing!!!

Melanie and Marissa are Munchkins 
Melanie was also a snowflake
 Marissa and Melanie were also citizens of Oz

 The cast worked very hard and put on an extremely cute show.

The male leads at Denny's after the final performance.
 We are not able to devote the time and resources that it takes to continue to participate in this program, if it ever truly becomes a non-profit organization that helps kids learn about theater through performing, we will be eager to audition again.

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