Monday, June 9, 2014

Knoxville Zoo

One day last week Hubby and I took the four youngest kids and my mom to the zoo for the afternoon.  It has been a couple years since our last visit.
The red panda is one of my favorite animals at the Knoxville Zoo. They look nothing like the giant black and white panda bear we usually think of when we hear the name panda. A red panda looks a lot like a raccoon.

The turtle statue is a favorite with Marissa and Melanie.  Maggie didn't want to be in the picture.

The elephant was distinctly ORANGE from rolling around in the red clay mud.

Although you can't see them in this picture, there were two female lions in the enclosure too.

The kids and I and my mom all piled into the jeep for a group photo.  Marissa and Melanie had just finished playing on the splash pad.

Much of the zoo is currently under renovation and the parts that aren't are broken up into small dead end sections.  We were a bit disappointed by our visit, but we will give it another try in the Fall. The Knoxville Zoo has a lot of potential, hopefully when the construction is completed it will be much more enjoyable.

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