Tuesday, December 2, 2014

We had an unexpected visit from Hubby's Dad at Thanksgiving

I'm copying and pasting from Hubby's facebook:

    It has been 26 years since my father died. In one way or another he's always around especially at this time of year. This year he decided to come join us for Thanksgiving.
    My son, Mason, had some Sailor Jerry's spiced rum. I noticed a pinup girl on the label and thought it looked familiar but didn't really think much about it. Later in the evening Mason asked if I'd ever had or seen Sailor Jerry's before. I hadn't and he told us that all the labels are different and show the work of a famous tattoo artist by the name of Norman Collins.
    Anyone that knew my father is likely to remember the half naked hula dancer he had on his forearm. The pinup on the label bore a striking resemblance to this tattoo. I figured there was no way that Norman Collins could have done my fathers tattoo but decided to look him up anyway. It turns out he mustered out of the navy in Hawaii a few years before Pearl Harbor and then spent WWII tattooing in Hawaii. I have to think that this is the person who did my fathers tattoo.
    It was good to have my father with us at Thanksgiving and for that I have to thank Sailor Jerry.
    Anyway here's his story.

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